a time for work and a time for rest

Uuuuuugggghhhh!  We are trying to re-landscape the front of our house.  We started by ripping out old bushes last spring, then having someone jack-hammer out the old uneven sidewalk this winter.  Then it sat in that sad state for months.  Really it looked as bad as some of those houses I photographed a few weeks ago.  The two porches are crumbling and look decrepit.  Slowly though, we are making progress.  My vision is to have something clean lined and minimal.  Not a cottage garden look, more of a Mediterranean look I guess. Or maybe I’ve been inspired by the gravel bars of our local creeks and rivers.  College boy is home for spring break and everyone has pitched in on this project.  This is where we are so far.

Now to plant the red-twig, and green-twig dogwoods, and the curly grass.  Next, will be the addition of 5 maiden hair grasses all along the back, fill it in with more gravel, add a few large rocks, and some light globes, and then work on the porches.  Just as important as hard work is “holy idleness”.  We made good on that as well!

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  1. kristin says:

    this is next on my project list and i am dreading it. something about moving all the plants and rocks and digging up old roots masses has me thinking about my back.

    you look like you’re off to a great start though! keep posting pics, can’t wait to see how it all comes together. xx

  2. it’s lookin’ good! you should see my white-trash front lawn! i’ve got a full section of it covered in landscaping cloth, which escapes its spikes and staples every time the wind blows. the look that passerby gives my attempt to kill the grass is priceless. thank god none of my neighbors care. i’m not looking forward to the work that it’ll take to turn that chunk into a perennial garden, but i’ll certainly be happy to have it be done. maybe i need one of those sweet cocoony/hammocky things that you have as my reward!

  3. amyks says:

    Add some lavender into the mix and it will be perfect!!! And fairly low maintenance :). The best kind of gardening….

  4. Damn!! Are those your legs?!! I am SO jealous! The house is looking great! Landscaping is rough work. Keep utilizing Mr. College while you have him! LOL!!

  5. melinda says:

    its awesome!
    and I highly recommend the hammocks…we had our annual “hammock hanging” this past weekend also.
    p.s. Friday was the best. thanks.

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