hot yoga

In the last few weeks I’ve been going to a a hot yoga class.  Are you familiar with the Gatorade commercials where the colored sweat is beading up on the athletes?  Well, 10 minutes in and I’m perspiring like that.  80 minutes later the sweat is dripping in pools onto my towel.  Along with all of that sweat it feels like my tension, concerns, worries, aches and pains have all drained out onto the towel too.  It is amazing and I walk out of the yoga studio feeling brand new.

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  1. amyks says:

    That photo is so amazing…is it a picture of a puddle?

  2. kristin says:

    i love that photo too…i think it must be all your sweat from your hot yoga class. i tried one once but felt like i was going to pass out.

  3. Yikes, really?! I have many friends who have done yoga but I have never taken a class. And my best friend is an instructor!! I may have to have her give me a private class. Melt-a-way worries and stuff sounds good right now!

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