we all cross the finish line at some point

My race yesterday was a 12 mile training run.  I’m preparing for a half marathon at the end of April.  The thing about running, and this thing also applies to life, is you have to run your OWN race.  When you start telling people, especially other runners, that you are in training you will get a whole lot of advice.  Advice about what gear is the best, what training techniques work for them, the best runs to participate in, the worst runs to participate in, what to eat the night before, etc.  Two years ago when I ran a half marathon I used an on-line training schedule that involved speed work, and pace runs.  The day of the half marathon I was greeted with killer heat and humidity and even with all of my training it was a struggle.

In life you will get all kinds of people telling you what to do.  But it’s not their life and the bottom line is you have to figure out YOUR race.  They don’t inhabit your mind, your body, your heart – only you do.  Sometimes running or life does involve experimentation, and trying on other people’s  suggestions/demands.  But here’s my advice –  if you find it chaffing or an ill fit feel free to put it back on the shelf, and try something else.  I guarantee if something is chaffing you will be raw and unpleasant before you know it.  It’s easier to run/live life out of a place that feels comfortable and non-binding.  That’s not to say it won’t be a challenge at times, but it will be about becoming a better YOU.

Just for the record my race looks like this – it’s not about any kind of training schedule other than putting in the miles (very slow miles – 10/min. mile slow), I like to train solo (cheap therapy), I like hot days rather than cool, I don’t worry about eating right before I run (unless it’s chili…), and I hate getting up early in the morning although I will do it for the day of a race – because it’s about becoming a better ME.

What does YOUR race look like?

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  1. My race has NOTHING to do with running, though I have been pondering an aggressive exercise regimin lately.

    Mine involves keeping my head in the game. The game, unfortunately, is “Feed Your Family on a Self Employed Income”. I have psyched myself out SO many times on many a large endeavour and I am fighting like hell to not let ME screw up ME this time, too.

    So, I get up in the morning, take the girls to school, map out my day on the way home, check the emails, and try to assemble whatever is necessary to gain connections for new clients, or work for the clients I have. And not be distracted…that’s the key, baby! In the end, just proving to me that I can do it, will be worth so much!

    Good Luck on the run, Pebble!

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    You saw part of my race over on Flickr today…and thanks your (very)kind comment helps! 😀

  3. Patricia says:

    My race is much like Vanessa’s these days. Just trying to keep my head in the game is the biggest challenge. Good luck with the race–is it today?!?

  4. Patricia says:

    BTW, I love the graphic design of this shot that illustrates this post!

  5. uklassinus says:

    Mine was spent mainly trying to avoid spraining my ankles tripping over pinecones. The good news is that my gym has reopened, so it’s back to the pool I go…

    (attempted running on a treadmill for the first time a week or so back: SO much easier than the real thing…)

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