takes its toll

All this parenting drama is taking its toll.  This is how I look these days.   Haggard, pinched, and absolutely no fun at all.  I think it’s time to work on a few projects to keep my sanity.

Quilt.  I’m once again not using a pattern, so it took me a while to figure out that you have to put the triangles together in a way so that your points don’t get lost

Painting and fresh decor.  I’m going to paint the paneled wall in our living room with chalkboard paint and add bookshelves.  I bought one of Shanna Murray’s decals to place on the wall too.  I will take before and after photos.

Bracelets.  Inspired by this lovely collection.  Just need to find my bead box that has all my jewelry findings in it so that I can add the clasps.  Which means that maybe I have some organizing to do so that I can find things when I need them.

T-shirt upcycling.

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  1. i love your visual list. it’s inspiring… i want to make stuff, too! and i love your portrait — you are beautiful. turn up the corners of your mouth a tiny bit, maybe an eighth of an inch, you don’t need to grin or smile. just up a little. xo

  2. Patricia says:

    Hang in there, J! We’re rooting for you and those boys to work through it.

  3. ibbyskibby says:

    I wish we could make their lives easier. I don’t even wish that for myself, just for my kid.

    My five-year old realized his and my mortality last week. Out of the blue, on a nice long walk home from the beach. Damn me, I couldn’t just lie to him and tell him I’d never die, and that he never would either. I got blindsided with all the questions as they occurred to him on the spot and I answered him honestly. I had to carry the crying boy for 5 blocks.

    I tried to let him know that I’m not scared of it, and that life is for living and how we make the most of it, and how joyful I am to be alive.

    He recovered before we got home and hasn’t talked about it again, but he’s human and this is just the very first question in finding out what HE thinks life and death are all about.

    Later, my husband asked me why i didn’t just lie. I am terrible at that, but I do wonder why I didn’t evade. I am usually pretty good at evading.

    Good luck with your boys.

    All of your creative endeavors are gorgeous, and I LOVE thousand pyramid quilts…my mom made one in reds and blacks and called it “hot flash”

    P.S. I want your turquoise bracelet.

  4. Wow, Pebble! Careful not to take on too much. I am curious, however, about how you plan to upcycle the t-shirts! Let me know if you want some help with organization…it’s one of my specialties!.

    Ibbyskibby, I still remember when my grandfather told me that his grey hairs were a sign that he was getting old and would die eventually. I offered to pull them out so he wouldn’t have to die, he told me it wouldn’t work, and I just opened up at the face and bawled myself sick! I remember that it wasn’t the “death” of it that upset me, it was the “alone” aspect. He was the center of my Universe at that time, and him not being there would have sort of shattered my whole world. I think we all have one of those “realizing mortality” stories, and it will get easier. Try goldfish…maybe a few rounds of them will help!

  5. uklassinus says:

    My family seem intent on giving me frown lines – if I’m not frowning at them, then I’ll still find myself frowning as they have given me a headache…

    I want to do some decorating- and crafting – but my mother-in-law is visiting yet again, so it looks like I’ll be cleaning the top of the fridge instead.

  6. I love your blog! I just found it. I love the photographs, and the way you “knit” things together, the bad and the good. That’s life, right? You don’t look bad, in that photo. Actually, you look DETERMINED. Let me practice my own “look of determination.” I’m so out of practice 🙂

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh, my golly, Jackie. Brave, brave–posting that photo. It doesn’t look a thing like you. What does Brian look like??? (don’t show me). Really, try that love and logic book–Parenting Teenagers with Love and Logic (I’ve read it a hundred times–it’s magical!!). Do you want to get away for a weekend up here??? I’ve found some great places I think you’d like. We’ll spoil you rotten!!! And then we’ll retake your picture! Lord have mercy!

  8. Nancy says:

    Jackie–after thinking about it–is that photo really a mug shot? Did you get arrested???
    Don’t let Fox news get ahold of that one.

  9. Leslie says:

    I love the jewelry…I always think I’ll make some but rarely do. I wish you lived just a little closer so we could do some “making” together. I need a little push to get back into actually making things instead of watching others do it 🙂

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