358 miles per gallon

Kids…they are saints and sinners just like the rest of us.  This post is about the saint side of things.  This group of junior high students of which my child is one, built this supermileage car and then competed against several high school teams and came away with 1st prize!

The story made Fox news.  I can’t seem to find the comments that were made on the article, but their were over 150 comments.  The majority of the commentors turned it into a political discussion, denigrated the kids, completely missed the point and argued that such a car wouldn’t even be feasible on the highway, that the kids were coerced by a bunch of libtards (their word, not mine), and blah, blah, blah…

I would just like to publicly state that I was so proud of them and their enthusiastic and awesome teacher.  This project gave the boys an opportunity to problem solve and required cooperation and dedication.  They acquired hands on learning, and learned about car mechanics, how to record data, cause and effect, and any number of other things.  Their teacher stepped back and let the boys do everything.  It was evident how much ownership they took in this project.  It was my privilege to tag along and watch it all unfold.

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  1. amyks says:

    Gotta love the Fox news fans! Can’t believe they would take a cool project like teens building their own working car and turn it into a political commentary. Just wrong!!!!

    PS. Did this car happen to hit any speed bumps? Hope you are feeling better and I wanted to tell you that the bracelets you made for the previous post were fantastic! XO

  2. Lori DeMoss says:

    This is a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulate N. on a job well done! I cannot believe that people would see this as anything other than a great learning experience–on all the levels you listed and then some.

  3. golittlered says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Some people, dang, many people today only feel good if they are putting someone else down. I do not understand it at all. And, I will add it torques me off.
    Be that as it may, I think that this is just a wonderful example of how kids can come together and create such a wonder. High fives to the teacher who inspired them, mentored them and let them go. Double high fives to those wonderful boys.
    Amen and amen again,
    love to you, ellen

  4. ibbyskibby says:

    Wow! Awesome project. Their car looks cool!

    The company my dad worked for was involved in a project in the 70s to increase gas mileage in real cars to these levels. He says that their team was showing successful results and then, mysteriously, one day that was just not the project any more, and nobody did any further work on it.

    What’s crazy is that gas efficiency is going Backwards! I used to own a honda crx that got 55 miles/gallon on the freeway. New cars brag about getting 28mpg!

    But, clearly only libtards want to spend less money on gasoline. guffaw.

  5. Some adults have no sense of decency about them….how disgusting! There are so many that are just so intent on being “right” that they don’t care who they step on in order to be “right”. Well, color me Libtard, because I think they are fabulous, and I would love to rock their car and only buy gas every 2-3 months or so!

  6. Jan says:

    How very cool is that???????????? I am in awe of them.

    The rest of that post just burns my butt. How on earth could a science project worked on so hard by a bunch of young boys be turned into a political discussion? That just aggravates the heck out of me.

    Anyway, congrats, boys. That is so cool.

  7. uklassinus says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter what the site, blogs seem to be the last remaining place on the internet where people post positive comments instead of negative. I really don’t get the ones that seem to post ‘who cares?’ on everything – when they must have clicked on the link to get to THAT article. And those people that drag everything back to politics – ugh. As if anyone is going to change the way they vote because of someone ranting on the’net – I’m sick of both parties’ supporters (I wonder if it’s more annoying when you don’t even get a vote?).

    Congratulations to your son – that really is a great achievement (and I love his expression in the pic…)

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