Photo of my post-half marathon donut!

I did my half marathon the last weekend of April!  It was just the ticket for motivating me.  I’ve lived here for over 20 years and have run the same routes over and over and over.  So it really does require a goal to make the running bearable.  And I never thought I would run another marathon in my life.  You know – one and done!  This run stirred me up however, and in a conversation with Molly she mentioned how she trained for a marathon with the Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.  I’m not a non-runner, but after looking through the book I love its approach.  The premise is that nearly anyone is capable of running a marathon.  And the training schedule is 4 days a week, which seems manageable for me.  I need another goal anyway so I don’t let my hard work of the last few weeks go to waste.

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  1. kristin says:

    hey!! way to go jackie!!!! i always felt like, if you can go the half, what’s another 13.1? but that was when i used to be a marathoner…i’ll be cheering you on from here as you go for that second marathon. xx

  2. Wow, Pebble, you are amazing! I have been seeing myself (in my mind…well into the depths of my head) running lately. I has had me thinking…I may have to check out the non-runners thingy, for I am NOT a runner! Where is the next marathon?!

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