when he grows up…

Here is college boy trying on a hat when we went flea marketing to shop for furniture for his house at college.  It was interesting, but when Marshall came home for Christmas break he told us that he was considering veterinary medicine.  This kind of came out of the blue, because when he left for college his vocational list was marine biologist or pharmacist.  Did you know that the competition to get into vet school is even stiffer than to get into med school??? We suggested he apply for a summer job with the local veterinarian to try it on for size.

Well…our local vet (who is a top-notch guy) agreed to let him work at his clinic this summer.  I just assumed he would be doing things like cleaning out kennels, sweeping the floors, walking the dogs, etc.  He is doing all of that, but doc has him going along on farm calls and helping out and watching EVERYTHING!  And, Marshall is really digging it!!!  Every day he comes home with the most interesting stories.  And while I’ve done my share of talking about the birds and the bees over the years, he has in a few short weeks amassed a great deal of knowledge about that very topic.  When you are collecting samples from bulls, and checking to see if cows are preggers, and helping out with neuterings and spayings… well…you see what I mean.  He’s seen tape worms, and surgeries, and held baby pigs, and helped tip a horse for a surgery.  He’s excited to head to work each day, and it seems he might have discovered his “thing”.  *fingers crossed*  While you don’t want to pressure a 19-year-old to figure out the rest of their life you also don’t want to have to pay for endless years of college while they try to figure it out. : )

And maybe this isn’t so out of the blue.  While the other two young’uns often fantasized about all the pets/animals they would have when they grew up (including monkeys) they always have grumbled and needed nagged to take care of the pets we’ve had.   Marshall, on the other hand,  always did the work of taking care of the pets.  When he was little I would look out the back window and see his arm slung over the back of our golden retriever, Java, having soulful conversations with him.  He always takes Hazel for her walks, and puts fresh water in his aquarium.  And he made sure his rat, Tiger, had plenty of exercise and attention – including building a two level cage for her.

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  1. golittlered says:

    I am smiling all the way through this post. I’ve read it three times, and now my face hurts from smiling so much.

  2. I could relate to your post as I have a son starting college this fall. Right now he’s interested in either computer science or psych or both or ??? It just remains to be seen. Thanks for the reminder that it is they who will choose what they will study 🙂

  3. Yay for finding your passion early and accepting it! I still don’t know what I will be when I grow up…congrats to baby boy!

  4. Oh, good for him. I remember a friend of mine working all hours to make sure that he got the grades to get into vet school. Meanwhile I’ve been glad that I never went with my mum’s suggestion that I become a vet. Moping around after the death of our hamster has reinforced my belief that I wouldn’t be able to do it emotionally: I’d be in tears whenever an animal was put down…

  5. melinda says:

    I’m smiling.
    For you.
    And for him.
    Adventures are fun…

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