Inspiring me now…

I’ve decided to start each month off with a list of the things that are inspiring me.  Here is October’s list.

  • the odd and simple still life on my kitchen counter – solo cups, party straws (thank you Super Jen), grocery store flower bouquets in a lovely handmade vase.
  • this braided cuff bracelet.
  • THE BEST advice column. ever.
  • kids these days. (hint. they are awesome!)
  • how to have an amazeballs life!
  • cleaning out and getting rid of.  objects must pass the 3 criterion list in order to stick around. Is it useful? Is it beautiful? Does it add value to my life or have good energy?
  • blogging under the influence.  I am the most magnanimous wine drinker.  A couple of glasses of wine and I am sentimental and loving of the whole damn world, and will confess that I want you to love me, but I am not cool at all.  at all.  but still, please love me in my desperate desire for coolness. or better yet just love me as you shake your head at my silliness and raw vulnerability drunkenness.
  • chocolate chip ice cream.
  • my God journey, paradigm shifting. ( more about this later.)
  • more dot connecting with one of my favorite philosophers and life lovers:  “Let me admonish you…to go alone; to refuse the good models, even those which are sacred in the imagination of men, and dare to love God without mediator or veil…” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • sleep!
  • college boy’s first presidential vote. He is coming home tonight and plans to fill out his early ballet tomorrow.
  • The writings of John Muir.
  • The Hare with Amber Eyes.  (Thanks Melinda) This book was rough going at first including having to keep my dictionary by my side as I read it, but then…it was a really lovely book.  Netsuke – I find the smallness and tactile nature of these objects akin to my love of smooth pebbles.  Something that you can slip into a pocket, or roll around in the palm of your hand, that has just the right bit of weight to it.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I still think u are effing awesome, even if all u had was a cup of Ovaltine! i love the inspiration list…I need to try to put some spirit time into my calendar. You are so inspirational!

  2. jen says:

    your list is inspiring me!!! xo

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