Inspiring Me November

  • These tree seedlings that Everett is nurturing along with attentive care.  The boys have grown tree seeds from the Tree In a Box company.  And it has been a real labor of love, and even at my kids age, there was a real sense of delight when the little trees broke the surface of the soil.

For the rest of my November inspiration I’m going to present them one at a time.  Frankly I’m tired of giving 10 seconds of attention to a hundred things.  So,  instead I will give more attention to each item, and maybe open things up to big questions and more in-depth conversation.

  • Last month I linked to an inspiring young man who built his own house on wheels.  Kids these days, right?  Well here’s another one:  A boy and his chickens and bees and some thoughts on failure.  I barely know where to start with the things this 15-year-old boy, Orren Fox, is saying.  Talk about wisdom – he has figured out some things that most people take a lifetime to figure out, if they ever figure them out at all!  Here are the things that really jump out at me:
  1. “but there is no room for, ‘I don’t want to go.’ “  I’ve spoke of this before.  The need to do the hard thing.  The need to do the things you don’t want to do, but that must be done.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Put your nose to the grindstone.  The side effects are a good healthy dose of earned self-esteem and inner strength.  It seems in this day and age those are quaint and nostalgic ideas.  But when these ideas are put into practice, character is built and things get done!!
  2. “I hope I never become an expert because being a beginner means you can make tons of mistakes and you can ask a ton of questions.”  How do you feel about making mistakes?  I know a few years ago, mistakes were a really big deal to me.  This is what the equation looked like:  mistakes = bad.  And I’ve watched my kids sort through this too.  There have been times when they’ve tried something new, and became frustrated cause they couldn’t figure it out right off the bat.  They would think they were no good at it, and abandon the thing.  I think our family has become better about this as we have intentionally become a mistake making place.
  3. “I trust them and they trust me.”  Considering that we are coming off the presidential election, and the election evidence that we are truly a divided country… well, I’m thinking that trust could go a long way towards healing what divides us.   The power of community and consensus building, are things, in my humble opinion, that we need.  If we could build trust that when we ALL thrive, not just a few, it’s a good thing.
  4. “And failing is just as important and interesting as succeeding.”  Can you live in that space?  Where failing is more important and interesting as succeeding…Have you ever looked at it from that point of view?  Is there as much or more value in the process and the learning and exploring, no matter the outcome?  I’m certainly coming to believe so.  More and more I’m loosening my expectations, control, and need for certain success.  It is incredibly freeing and truly opens up all kinds of interesting and exciting possibilities.

I hope you will read through Orren’s post, and watch his video.  I’d welcome any and all conversation related to these ideas!

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  1. Patricia says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to Orren’s blog and video. (He reminds me of your boys.) It’s all about taking that leap of faith, isn’t it? I’ll try to approach today as a brave beginner. 🙂

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