I’d like to introduce you to Junior.  I’m always inspired by Junior.  I see this gentleman several times a week when I’m jogging or walking Hazel.  I don’t know his last name, or whether Junior is just a nickname.  I have no idea where he lives or what his story is.  What I do know is that every single day he is out  pulling his wagon, and picking up aluminum cans.   And every time I see him I get a happy smile and a friendly wave.  I believe him to be one of the gems of our little town.  I also think he is a shining example of finding that thing you do well and doing it whole-heartedly.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. love this photo, and junior’s story. thank you for sharing!

  2. I love people like Junior….thank you so much for sharing him with us!

  3. batspit says:

    Your photos just get more and more professional– btw, isn’t it hard to ask people you don’t know well if you can photo them? I think so, but perhaps you are more brave than me 🙂

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