philosophical meanderings

The deer hunting season ended recently, and all three boys went hunting.  Everett was the only one to get a deer though.  I had the privilege of accompanying Nate on three different occasions.  Which means I spent about 12 hours in the deer stand with him.  (He spent a total of 36 hours in the deer stand, and did not get a deer – wonder what philosophical musings he has about that?)  When you have to sit there quietly it gives you lots of time to think.  It was truly a gift in so many ways.  I got to see the sun rise. twice.  And hear the early morning rustling of birds in the brush, and squirrels scratching away fallen leaves looking for acorns.  Fog hung over the line of trees surrounding a meadow.  And as the sun rose, rays of light fingered through those trees creating magical spotlights in the meadow.   I got to see a coyote stalking through the field almost right below our feet.   I got to see the sun set once, while the moon rose in the opposite sky.  Occasionally Nate and I would have whispered conversations, but for the most part I was able to just let my mind go, flittering from one thought to the next – just like the birds in the brush.

On Being, I’ve only recently discovered this program.  Important conversations for today.

TED talks seem well known, but are you familiar with Do Lectures?

The River Why – this book.  I read it in my 20’s.  It was such an important book in informing my philosophies regarding faith, nature and our relationship to it, love, life.  Everett read this book at 15 and was hugely impacted by it as well.  He wrote a college scholarship essay about it… here is one of his lines from his essay.  “Unmolested wilderness is an asset to all humans, whether they realize it or not.”

The sounds of nature just take a moment to listen, and I think you’ll immediately feel more relaxed. Maybe you need something like this as we are entering the frenzied holiday season.

What is your life philosophy and who/what has influenced you?

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  1. When I was going through my search for “spiritual identity” about 8 years ago or so, I thought I was losing my mind! Having decided I was definitely not Catholic (although my birth records and christening would suggest otherwise), did not completely get on the vibe of mainstream Christianity, was not committed to studying hard enough to go to Judaism (and really didn’t know why I would!) a friend who was like minded asked me to read the Celestine Prophecy. For someone who was on the verge of buying a broom and joining a coven out of shear confusion, this book helped me SO much! It did more for me in understanding Universal Oneness than the next 3 years of study at my Spiritual Center I joined shortly after. And for a troubled reader such as myself, the fact that it is fiction and told in 1st person helps a lot! It was a really captivating and entertaining, all the while enlightening read!

    Though I can’t say the same for the 10th Insight. I couldn’t finish that one. 😦

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