DSC_0079I believe I have turned a mental corner. Maybe it was the longed for rain, liquid mercury falling from the sky, all gray and silver. And the miracle of gravity pulling it to the deepest and most needful places. And droplets of serendipitous grace settling into the parched and cracked places.

  • scenic hike along the Buffalo River Trail. (photos from hike)
  • two wonderful books and the time to read them. The Brothers K – I’d like to be buried with this book. and The Paris Wife – I’m ready for smart conversation, free-flowing wine, and to witness a bull fight…but not the loneliness and yearning.
  • partners, finally with a tiny demitasse cup of overflow, enough to turn towards one another, after a couple of weeks of turning away from one another.
  • unexpected late evening table conversation, no planning, just a spontaneous gathering, I believe I settled in last with my evening bowl of cereal and the Boden catalog. I soon abandoned the catalog for the down-memory-lane conversation.
  • the traditional fight for the last piece of the puzzle.
  • a lanky 14-year old nestling into a corner of the coach, wedging in tight next to me, if only for a few moments.
  • a slow and cathartic 5 mile run.

Sometimes when you are so dry and parched, it feels that nothing less than a torrential downpour will do… miraculously even the tiniest drops of water can work wonders.

(“Oh, that one, she’s a little bit crazy.” they whispered. But secretly they were glad she had her heart again, so that at least for a while, their ears wouldn’t rattle with the clanging of an empty tin woman.) I don’t know why, but this silly phrase kept going round and round my head during my run… ; )


5 Comments Add yours

  1. photographoe says:

    Magical photos. I’m glad things are looking less grey.

  2. amyks says:

    Glad you are back! I owe you one. I am trying to get back to normal now that the holidays are over!!!
    Be in touch soon. XO!!!

  3. golittlered says:

    Wishing you a blessed journey, a peaceful heart and the knowledge that you are a gift to this world. A gift, you truly are. Love always.

  4. Patricia says:

    So glad to hear it, Jackie! I think we must be taking turns being down in the dumps. Maybe we’re both just on a bit of an age-related Tilt-a-Whirl ride but in different seats?!? Anyway, please keep rattling our ears as you observe all the thrills of the carnival that this life has placed us in.

  5. Rachel C. says:

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. I often get that way at the start of a year…because I don’t tend to think of it as the start of a new year, but rather the end of an old one. One where I didn’t accomplish near as much as I wanted to. And the Brothers K? I adore that book…so much that a re-read may be in order one of these days soon!

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