Just some random photographs…and more thoughts on education.

And thanks for letting me rant. I loved your sharing, and it sounds like several of you have been in the trenches as well. The squirt bottle!! What a brilliant spur of the moment idea Kristin! And you are probably right, I should explain to the administration why I will not be back. I do have a tremendous soft spot for kids and I recognize that many of these kids are dealing with traumatic or neglectful home lives and are trying to get attention in the only way they know how. But to expect those in the school system to make up the difference is putting so much stress on teachers and staff.

There is something else about the school system that makes me sad.  When my kids were young they had such a joy for learning new things. It was second nature for them to be inquisitive and eager to learn. But as the years passed and they spent more time in institutional settings it’s as if something died in them. Again, I am not so naive to think that every bit of learning can happen in an invigorating  and hands-on way, but still… Thankfully my kids are still that way when we explore new places or watch the history channel or play a new game.

Okay, enough ranting for this week. Between us all I’m sure we’ll make a dent in world problem solving. ; )

*Nate got a new camera for Christmas – the eyeball and creek photos are his, I just edited them a bit.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Beautiful photos! I share your feelings about the school system. I volunteer in my son’s classroom and leave feeling like the kids’ joy is just being sucked out of them–and this is considered a good school! I’m sure there must be places where joy and curiosity are nurtured; Waldorf schools come to mind. xoxoxo

  2. melinda says:

    Kudos to Nate and his camera and developing mad new skillz.

    I’m glad you have a “safe place” (your blog home) to rant & receive support.

    Miss you.
    We need to do blueberry biscuit scone thing & coffee again.

  3. jan says:

    Half of my teaching career was spent “pre-testing-mania” and half after. I definitely felt a difference as a teacher. It used to be a creative and joyful occupation, teaching. Fortunately, I am thinking that the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, but I will miss out on the joy of post-testing teaching. I’m retiring in a year or so.

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