swamp floating

IMGP0289For Fathers Day weekend we headed to North Central Arkansas and floated in some swamps. On Saturday we floated part of the Cache River. Going in I was worried about snakes (we only saw one), and well, I wasn’t sure if gators got that far North (they don’t).  What I should have been worried about was navigation. Hint:  If you decide to do this you might want to use a GPS or at least get very clear directions from someone who is familiar with the river. We ended up turning around and paddling upstream two hours, and getting assistance from some people who had a private cabin on the river. Oh, the kindness of strangers!


IMGP0297This duck blind is where we encountered a fork in the river, tried both directions, and got lost and confused.

IMGP0299It was an amazing place with the bald cypress and tupelo trees growing in the coffee-with-cream colored water. We heard and saw some woodpeckers, and we’re just going to claim that one of them was the back-from-extinction, ivory-billed woodpecker.

IMGP0318On Sunday we floated an hour into the Bayou DeView.

IMGP0307It was like being inside of a natural cathedral. The trees reaching high up and creating an enclosed water aisle through green-filtered light. Awe inspiring!

IMGP0316photocornersAnd last, but not least, on the way home we stopped at Blanchard Caverns, took a cave tour, and hiked the short distance to the spring.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. melinda says:

    looks wonderful & awesome!

  2. golittlered says:

    Oh, what beauty. I would have loved to be there with you.
    Love and xoxo

  3. Mousy Brown says:

    Wow – looks amazing (and a bit scary)!

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