sick of big ideas

Is anyone else weary of the internet and “Big Ideas”, “Profound Observations”, “Things Worth Spreading”, “How to Live Your Best Life”, “How to Be Amazing in a World Bent on Mediocrity”, even TED or whatever?? Well I am. I think it was reading Flinch, a free e-book, by Julien Smith, from Seth Godin’s Domino Project. I have nothing against him or his project per se. I just can’t shake this internal perception that in this era of technology and striving to define our lives as extraordinary the pendulum has swung too far.

Especially if your inner voice is starting to dance to this new demon. What is wrong with an ordinary life for Pete’s sake? So what if I don’t challenge myself with a freezing cold shower every morning? Or if I choose to walk right on by the next stranger I meet instead of talk to them? What if right now I just want sleep rather than being the Grand Initiator of something? So what if I don’t even have a bucket list or Big Ass Goals? So what if I just read or saw something that seemed worth sharing, but I’m tired of sharing and the quest for being on the inside of COOL? What’s wrong with washing your dishes, taking your dog for a walk, waving hello to your neighbor, engaging in a mundane conversation with your kid, not being in the know about the latest cool thing? Rhetorical questions all. And of course the answer is to just step away from these particular message bearers for a while and to return to them in small doses.

I think this is the explanation of why I’ve only been here sporadically this year. I just don’t want to push things at you. You already have your own tremendously long and cumbersome set of bunny trails you follow. And besides you are already awesome and amazing just the way you are!
and p.s. Here’s my Big Idea for the weekend – getting down on the floor and playing with my 6-month old granddaughter! And p.s.s. I know how hypocritical this is after my twerkclogging post. ; )

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  1. melinda says:

    I love you.
    And Your Little Mudane Self.
    And the visual of Your Little Mundane Self rolling about on the floor with Precious Emery.

  2. batspit says:

    It can be exhausting, and depressing– the internet shows us all these talented people with these impossibly deep springs of awesome– it’s too much, sometimes. I find these times are good ones to visit Walmart simply to people watch– that always makes me feel slightly more accomplished 😉

  3. uklassinus says:

    Finally found the floor by helping my daughter tidy her room yesterday: success! That was my latest big ass goal. I had worried that I was setting my sights too high…

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