NSN1. and now a beard, 2. Beard, 3. Bearded up!, 4.Bearded Elvis, 5. Bearded Niki, 6. Beard Celebrities, 7. Bearded, 8. beard full of love, 9.Honeybee beard

Consider this a TMI gratitude post, because I’m not shaving my legs all of November! I’m thankful for the time savings, and the fact that my legs are not dry and itchy this time of year. When Marshall played high school basketball this was something the team participated in, and the other two boys also played along with No Shave November when they got to high school. It’s pretty endearing when a 16 year-old says, “Mom, can you see it?” Whereupon I had to look very, very close to see their facial hair said, “Whoa! That is some impressive facial hair!”




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  1. Mousy Brown says:

    We call it Movember over here…everyone grows a moustache (and complains about how itchy it is!) My 15 year old has been growing his tashe since he was 13 and it is now quite impressive…he does it to annoy his father…and it works! 😀

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