13. Collections

collectionI have been participating in a 10-week ADD coaching group. It has been a revelation to share and work with a group of people who “get it”! We have been using the ADD Crusher videos, and then meeting each week by computer tele-conference. As our coach, Beth Main, would say, each of us participants are experts in our own right, and that often the most valuable information/tips/strategies are there for the sharing from our own life experiences. It is an encouraging and supportive group. We celebrate each others victories and tweak or ask the right questions to help each other come up with solutions. The external motivation of knowing you will be checking in with each other helps us stick with our action steps each week.

I think with my diagnosis I felt like I needed to re-invent my skills from scratch. However, one of the wonderful things that has happened is that I now recognize all of the tools and skills that I have already implemented, even before my diagnosis.  Things that my smart and capable mind had come up with to make my life work. This my friends is HUGE!! Huge I tell you. For someone who has carried around the heavy burden of feeling incapable, and then recognizing it for the BIG FAT LIE it is, Hallelujah! *angel choir noises swelling in the background*.

So, today I am thankful for the collection of tools and strategies I have made using my unlimited and creative capabilities. I am thankful for my ability to problem solve, and my bravery in knowing when I need help, and then asking for it. I am thankful for the people in my coaching group, and the things I have learned from them.

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  1. golittlered says:

    Good for you for recognizing your amazing talent(s) and for taking steps. I checked out the site and it looks to be a winner. Now, to conquer the procrastination that I am so good at.
    Love, E.

  2. golittlered says:

    p.s. i am loving this montage of beautiful feathers.

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