16. life experience

002(I apologize to those of you who are bothered by this.) Photo taken by our friends.

I am grateful that Nate was finally able to experience his first successful deer hunt. I am grateful that we have good friends that allow the boys to hunt on their land, and who help us process the deer. I am grateful for the meat that is in our freezer. I am grateful that my boys, Nate included, are very respectful of the animals they hunt, and respectful of the need for safety and diligence in using their firearms. I am grateful that they practice the art of patience when they sit still and quiet in the tree stand for hours.  I am grateful for so much that this scene represents, some of which I don’t quite have words for.


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  1. Amykslesar says:

    I have a picture of my son catching a “shark” while fishing with his dad in Key West. It is a little gruesome, but the joy on my son’s face is evident, as is the joy on your son, Nate’s face!!!

  2. golittlered says:

    Many people hunt here…and for quite of few of them it means that they will have food. There are important lessons to be learned and kept in the heart. In the last few weeks on our property some folks have gotten not only deer, but a bear and an elk as well. We were given sausage from the elk and it was delicious.
    I love Nate’s joyful face here.

  3. melinda says:

    yaaaay Nate! : )

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