tiny house swap 2014

1d730e287b0197a667c7e7e1d4f2b6edGAME ON!! YAY! So far, there are at least 9 of us (grown-ups) willing to play in the Tiny House Swap 2014.  Someone, and I’m so glad she did, asked if her children could participate. YES, YES, YES!!  So, if anyone has children that would like to play along I’ll create a kids swap too. Next week I’ll create a flickr group to add to the fun, and so we can see each other’s creations. Feel free to post process/progress shots as well in addition to your finished tiny houses. I’m so excited!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia says:

    Orion would love to participate!

  2. Tom DeMoss says:

    Not sure I could do this.thinking on it. Can you please explain to me exactly how this works?



  3. kristin says:

    clever you! i am just noticing your little houses are spiral notepaper edges.

  4. amyks says:

    I thought I commented using my iPhone last week, but it must not have posted. I am game for the challenge.Hopefully, I won’t disappoint!

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