2014-01-24 09.43.23Wow, I am now consumed with this Tiny House thing! It’s like when I was a kid engrossed in a great book, and my mom would ask me to do some chores before she left for work, and then I would not put my book down until the very last minute before she got home. It’s like that…all I want to do is make tiny houses. I’ve painted a tiny house on a small wooden disc the size of a silver dollar. I’ve painted watercolor houses. I’m going to embroider some houses next.

2014-01-24 09.47.59I even learned a new skill yesterday! I used a miter saw for the very first time. I asked someone, who is in charge of a wood shop, if they had any scraps that would be discarded or were of no use and if so could I scavenge through it. He said sure. When I got there, he pointed me to a couple of large shelves and a bin full of wood scraps. Well, the only way I can describe it – the scene in the movies when the expedition comes across the tomb full of hidden treasure. And the characters start grabbing stuff up, and stuffing their pockets, and filling their arms with treasure. Yeah, like that! I started pawing through the planks and scraps and bits of wood, wishing I had brought a wheelbarrow, but reminding myself I could come back for more later. Plus I did not want to bring a curse down on myself for violating the rules of the treasure. : ) Once I explained to the gentleman what I wanted it for, he said he could cut it down for me. I don’t know what happened, but I heard myself telling him, “If you show me how to do it I would be happy to cut it myself.”  BOOM!! Next thing I know I’m wearing a pair of safety glasses, using a real life power tool,  and cutting about 50 tiny houses out of wood scraps!

2014-01-23 15.32.04

2014-01-23 15.53.49

3 Comments Add yours

  1. jen says:

    rock on! those ones in the middle are asking for their roofs to be pink, please.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    I’m pretty obsessed too! Sitting here embroidering tiny houses by the fire…thanks for the inspiration! X

  3. uklassinus says:

    You almost have me wanting to go and cut tiny houses using my mitre saw – and then I remember that I am scared of my mitre saw…

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