This one!! This tiny girl is definitely on my A-List! And now I have the Tiny House Swap official A-List: (Please let me know if I’ve somehow missed you!) I’m sending out partner info today. Also I’ve decided to extend the mailing deadline to March 7th since it’s taking me a while to get this organized. Ready. Set. Go!!!


  • Orion – New York
  • 2 other children also from New York. I don’t have their names yet.
  • I’m trying to recruit a few more kids for this, but no worries everyone will receive something!

So, maybe like me, this creative opportunity has your brain working like a kid hyped up on cotton candy, funnel cakes, and fried bacon cinnamon rolls at the state fair. Wouldn’t it be cool if the world accepted the way everyone’s brains worked, and valued the differences rather than label them positively or negatively. Here is how my brain works and what I, and others like me bring to the world.

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  1. oh, those cheeks! nom nom nom.

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