I AM SUFFOCATING!! Under the thick woolen mantle of winter…gray, low-hanging sky. Color palette of choking browns, whites & grays. Too many blankets on the bed. Too many layers on skin – lotion, chapstick, sweaters, parkas, mittens. Overly familiar, claustrophobic walls, layers of dust, pet hair, crumbs. The same tunes, words, phrases, gestures piling up and competing for the dwindling oxygen in the air. I beg of thee spring, come swiftly,and lightly, with color and warm dancing breezes!


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  1. amyks says:

    I feel your pain, it has been bitterly cold here on the east coast, the only saving grace is that the sky has actually been crystal blue and clear for the most part. Although we are preparing for another onslaught of snow as I type this. My kids will most likely be in school until July because of all these crazy snow days.So, I’ll just have to enjoy the beach by myself when the time comes 😉

  2. jen says:

    suffocating here, too.

  3. batspit says:

    I read your blog on my phone now and I don’t always make it back to comment when I’ve got a computer– but I saved this one because- yes! I hate winter in February! For me it feels more dingy and old and threadbare than suffocating but it’s really similar. Here’s to spring- may it come sometime soon!

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