how to not gripe about winter?




candy colored housesIt takes a better person than I to remain positive in the face of this cruelness! *insert long running stream of inappropriate language*


I have been cheered up by the many photos of Tiny Houses though. And if you enjoyed this swap, and are needing more diversion from winter check out Margaret’s swap. Margaret is the gal who created the tiny house pin cushion and mobile.


Here are a few more photos of Tiny House participants’ creations:



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  1. pegdoll says:

    Thanks for the link-up to my swap!

  2. Jackie, I give…I can not get this house thing! I really hoped this project would do something for my creative juices, but alas I am beat! I was finally just going to draw a house and mount it, but while I was ok with the sketch I made, adding color effed it all up and I just can’t do it. I tried to recreate it about 6 times and I am no longer amused. On the same token, I never got anything from whoever pulled my name, either…so it looks like you run with a bunch of slack asses! Lol!

    I am so sorry! I will reach out to my partner and let her know I am not able to participate. I love that you did this, though, and just take joy all of those who DID participate and enjoyed it versus jerks like me who blew it.

    Meanwhile, let’s work on getting a hike time set…that I CAN do! Lol!

    Love, V

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