Soft Focus



Soft focus vs. Out of Control
It’s been a while because it’s May, which is always busy. End of year banquets, college boys transitioning, a 14-month old home wrecker, yard work to do, blah blah blah. Throw in a lightening jolt to the computer, an unexpected but WAY overdue bathroom remodel, car repairs, and last but not least a hormonally unstable matriarch (translation – A HOT MESS!!!!), and there is very little energy left over for blog playtime.
So popping in with a hello, and now off to find those dang paint samples. I know they’re here somewhere in this soft focus mess…

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  1. Shawn Bay says:

    From one hot mess to another…LOVE YOUR WORDS! LOVE YOUR WORD PICTURES! LOVE YOU! Right there with you! BG

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