vent my spleen

20140523-115132-42692921.jpgThis is a process shot of the house sign I’m painting for my parents’ new house. I was inspired by the work of 1Canoe2. DIY for sure, which I take on with gusto! However, with the bathroom remodel I did some serious assessment of my DIY, can-do approach to everything. I am perfectly capable, after all I tiled my kitchen backsplash and my front stoop. I’ve done landscaping, and painting, and I love researching, and using power tools, and saving money. But when I do a project it takes freaking forever and stresses me out. So, I decided to step off the DIY addiction, and in this case let the professionals handle it. This whole project started with a dripping faucet. Which requires a whole new sink and piping, because it’s all original to the house, which was built in the 60’s or 70’s. I decided that we might as well replace the nasty floor tile as well. And that job needs to be done before the sink job.
And now the spleen venting. I picked out a new vanity & sink top, and tile & grout at Lowe’s. Then I set up appt. for measuring, and getting an estimate for ripping out old tile and putting down new. The guy came out yesterday, took measurements, snapped photos, etc. Lowe’s called me today, to tell me I need to rip out the old tile myself, because of the potential damage to wall tile. $&!#%%!!! Also, the medicine cabinet/light combo needs replaced. It’s a recessed monstrosity that is also original. Do you think they make anything that corresponds to the measurements of the old one? Hell no. So now I’m wondering what spray painting the inside of it would look like…
So, the project I was going to hand off has already cost me in hours of online searching, trips to Lowe’s, a still dripping faucet, stress & frustration. Guess I’ll take out my anger on the old tile.

20140523-122908-44948890.jpgSnazzy before photo. If I was made of money I’d rip out all of that pink/coral tile. Instead the next home owner can tackle that job. Snarl.

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