I’ve been practicing small moments of meditation this summer. I’ve become aware of how much I live in my head. Using the sense of sound as my focus has helped me be centered, and grounded in the present moment. It is amazing what happens all around me, or how many actual noises I never pay attention to. Running water, lawn mowers, birds, cars, motorcycles, wind, music, kids laughing and shouting, roosters crowing, dogs barking, my running shoes tapping out a rhythm on the pavement…When I practice meditation, in essence letting go and accepting what is, I can move into this space:

“I’ve decided to make up my mind

about nothing, to assume the water mask,

to finish my life disguised as a creek,

an eddy, joining night at the full,

sweet flow, to absorb the sky,

to swallow the heat and cold, the moon

and the stars, to swallow myself

in ceaseless flow.”

~ Jim Harrison, “Cabin Poem”

as read in the book This Is Not The Story You Think It Is

by Laura Munson

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  1. I simply love your blog. It is a beautiful breathing space and a mediation all its own for me. I hope it brings you the same kind of solace. : )

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