Summer Sizzle


This is a true confession post. A true confession that when summer sizzles, it literally fries my brain. Why else would I do an 11-mile training run around noon, when the temperature is 96 degrees Fahrenheit. And the actual heat index is even higher than that. But I am in training for a half marathon in Des Moines mid-October, and a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. This was my technique for conquering the heat: (besides the more obvious and common sense approach of running early morning) I first ran a 6 mile circuit that brought me back to my house. I then drank about 16 oz. of Gatorade while filling the bathtub with cold water. Next, I removed my shoes and socks and got in the tub wearing my running clothes. I soaked in that cold water while drinking another 16 oz. of ice water, dunked my head under, lightly toweled off, put my socks and shoes back on, then ran the last 5 mile leg. INSANITY!! Not only that, but the dang dog needed walking when I finished this absurdity. It seems that I’m literally incapable of doing things conventionally. *sigh*

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