Philosophical Fridays

2014-06-02 20.07.25

My goal, for the rest of 2014 in this space, is to post twice a week. Tuesdays are going to be what I call “Technique Tuesdays”. On Tuesdays I will explore techniques in various creative endeavors – paper cutting, cooking, DIY, etc. I’m planning to make the first Tuesday of each month a “Template Tuesday”, where I will offer paper cutting templates that you can download and play with.

Fridays are going to be devoted to philosophical meanderings. These meanderings will very often relate to spirituality and being human, among other things. And since today is Friday…

More and more I find that my life is about letting go, and reclining into trust. Living from the heart, rather than the head or the ego. I know those two sentences portray me as a gentle, hippie spirit, exuding love to everyone, barefoot and surrounded by gentle creatures of the forest. Nope. I’m a surly, anxiety ridden,  people-pleasing, control freak still – but less so with every passing day. My illusory self is shedding, not in a tidy package like the skin of a snake, but in bits and chunks. Some of the molting is tiny bits of aha, but the chunks are usually the result of things that bring me to my knees. Hard, often painful lessons, that required a lot of effort on my part, or the complete opposite – a total loss of control. This is where the trust piece comes into play. Being a contemplative and mystic has allowed me to open up and recognize my oneness with God. So if I am one with God, then my life/journey/experiences are all to the working out of my true self. The self that originated and was created in Love. And if I am one with God, so is everyone and everything else. In practical terms it means I can stop beating the shit out of myself, and give those around me that same grace. Again – work in progress! Instead of looking at life as a problem to be solved, I can view it as a journey to be enjoyed. Again – work in progress! I know the term “practice” smacks of hippie dippie, incense burning, weirdness. But practice allows me to jettison perfection, another of my ego traits…

&%#!*% – Here we go again, me with the deep, deep feelings and a burning drive in my soul to communicate with someone, anyone, out there who is on their own metaphysical journey. Join me on these Fridays (and Tuesdays) if you wish. I’m pleased to travel the path with you!

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson


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  1. Totally right there with you on the journey–hippie and incense or not.

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