4376939686_af3baf7e69_bHi, I’m Jacqueline Basham, a human being, sometimes fumbling through life, but more often amazed by the great glorious adventure that it is. If you want labels – I’m a stay at home mom, a tree hugger, a tightwad, a wife, a nerd, a jogger, a bookworm, a creative soul, a pretty good cook, a beloved child of God, an avid hobby photographer, a person who likes to dip her toes into all that life has to offer. In fact you might find that we have a lot in common, and that labels don’t really explain the complexity of human beings. 

I’ve been an artist since the ripe old age of 5 or so. From making mud pies to cityscapes for my brother’s matchbox cars, I’ve been a maker forever. I just can’t stop. Currently I cut stories out of paper, and make tiny houses.

The story is still evolving. Smoothpebble Studio came about from years of dabbling in Craft. That’s Craft with a capital “C”. That’s Craft done in the spirit of serious fun or fun seriousness, however you want to look it. Those things that make me smile, lose track of time, create ideas in solid form. It’s my pleasure to create unique pieces of art for you. It’s my desire to create Craft that makes you smile, transports you, or touches you in some way. Art with a story!

Thanks for visiting me, I always love to hear from you!

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