I did it!

I made a light box!! I’ve only wanted to do this for. ever. The awesome thing is – it cost me virtually nothing to make. A cardboard box, poster board, and some parchment paper. I used this tutorial to make it. Even on days where there is no sun, I can set up some lamps…

willy nilly

Complete willy nillyiness. I am under mad preparations to leave my family for the weekend so  just a quick post with a few things making me smile. 1. First off my new, gosh dang cowboy boots!! Mr. Smoothpebble gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to pick out some new boots. Sorry if this all…

how to not gripe about winter?

      It takes a better person than I to remain positive in the face of this cruelness! *insert long running stream of inappropriate language*   I have been cheered up by the many photos of Tiny Houses though. And if you enjoyed this swap, and are needing more diversion from winter check out Margaret’s swap….

show and tell

Okay I made some marks on the wooden houses. I dipped them in “denim” RIT dye. This is what they looked like after I sanded them. Next batch I will sand first and then dip. I like the effect of the dye on the wood. Here are some other photos submitted and shared by Tiny…


This one!! This tiny girl is definitely on my A-List! And now I have the Tiny House Swap official A-List: (Please let me know if I’ve somehow missed you!) I’m sending out partner info today. Also I’ve decided to extend the mailing deadline to March 7th since it’s taking me a while to get this organized….


Wow, I am now consumed with this Tiny House thing! It’s like when I was a kid engrossed in a great book, and my mom would ask me to do some chores before she left for work, and then I would not put my book down until the very last minute before she got home….

let’s make some tiny houses

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your enthusiasm!! We are going to rock the house with these houses! I would like to welcome some newcomers to the world of DIY swapping. Since we do have some new people I’ll explain in more detail how this all works. First, please send me an email at…

tiny house swap 2014

GAME ON!! YAY! So far, there are at least 9 of us (grown-ups) willing to play in the Tiny House Swap 2014.  Someone, and I’m so glad she did, asked if her children could participate. YES, YES, YES!!  So, if anyone has children that would like to play along I’ll create a kids swap too….

Game? Are You?

I just spent a glamorous morning cleaning out the vent pipe to the dryer, scrubbing out the cat litter box, and cleaning up dog diarrhea… I’m in need of something infinitely more pleasant! So, I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a “Tiny House Swap” to acknowledge the anniversary of the Elsie Marley Mobile…

29. & 30. Gratitude loose ends

29. Music – I created a tape.ly mixtape with just a few of my faves. 30. Completing something to the finality of it. Sticking with it and finishing!! Even if it’s a few days late I was grateful for 30 days! BOOM I will see you all sometime in 2014. You’re busy with preparations and plans,…


I’ve been playing with wool roving and yarn! I saw some beautiful felt and yarn necklaces in Indie Lab’s shop. I couldn’t justify purchasing one, because of all the wool and yarn I have in my stash. Make your own, or head on over to her shop. These seem like the perfect fall/winter accessory!