All good things…


…must come to an end. (Upon great deliberation and despite my goal announcing last week.)

Smoothpebble blog has reached its expiration date. No sense in letting it linger, develop a gross smell & a coating of mold.

This blog may never have accomplished anything great by standards of greatness. But I showed up each time with Big Love, and I leave with a heart full of gratitude. I’ll also carry with me a greater sense of connectedness to the world. I will still be hanging out on Instagram & Twitter, mostly as a lurker. Also on Pinterest, and until my domain expires – I have some paper cut pieces nearly finished that will be going in my shop as well.

2014-08-29 08.05.24On the off chance that anyone wants to look back through anything here, the blog will remain up a few more days. On Friday, Sept. 5th I’ll be turning out the lights and locking the door behind me.

Farewell Friends! Namaste.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. melinda says:

    def BIG LOVE.
    and to quote the most lovely painted fish…xo

  2. smoothpebble says:

    xo back. just mailed you a letter today… Jacqueline Basham

  3. Jan Johnson says:

    ….the end of an era. Wow. I will miss your blog and your updates here. I will have to jump on the Instagram bandwagon I guess. Getting to know you has been one of the most pleasant parts of having been a blogger. Please don’t give up Facebook any time soon!!! jan

  4. I have loved getting to know you, Pebble! I love your blog, but understand when things need to come to an end to open to other things. Don’t think this for a moment means we are still not getting together to hike, go crawl an art market, or crash a winery in the near future! Happy trails to you and Namaste, friend! Love!

  5. uklassinus says:

    I’ll miss your blog.

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